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Help and Support for Edupress Users

Some school website providers will charge you extra if you need help using their tool to manage your school website.

We think that’s unfair. We think we should make our school website administration system as straightforward and user-friendly to work with as possible, or we haven’t done our job. So if you get stuck and need help, we offer FREE help and support.

Our help comes in three forms:

1. Tutorial videos

You can find these in your Edupress admin screens and on the videos page of our website. They’re designed to help you get started with Edupress and learn how to use key aspects of the administration system, such as customising your design, setting up your navigation menus, creating pages and articles and populating your home page.

But what if the videos aren’t enough? There’s more…

2. Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs page of our website features questions which clients and potential clients have asked us about Edupress, and when we get new questions we add them to the site. We’re also adding FAQs to the site admin screens as well so over time, the number of technical questions you can see answers to will grow.

But you may have a question that isn’t answered by a video or FAQ so we offer…

3. FREE web-based support

If you’re stuck, your website isn’t working in the way you expect it to or you need some help, simply raise a support ticket from your administration screens and we’ll do our very best to help you. We keep an eye on the support tickets every day and answer urgent ones as quickly as possible. For less urgent questions, we’ll reply during normal business hours.

Raising a support ticket is completely free and only takes a couple of minutes, so please let us know if you need our help.


So that’s how we like to make sure our users aren’t left to fend for themselves. If all of this isn’t enough for you or your staff and you’d like us to deliver training to your school team in how to use Edupress then we’d be very happy to do that (although we can’t do that for free, sorry!)


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