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Find Out How to Customise Your School Website

With Edupress, you can create a customised school website without having to pay extra for us to create a bespoke site for you. You do this using the customiser in the Edupress admin.

The customiser lets you customise the following:

  • Your colour scheme
  • Your logo
  • Your contact details
  • The title of your school and the tagline (or strap line) beneath
  • The navigation menu you’re using
  • Your home page

As you make changes, you’ll se ether in the preview window on the right, but people viewing your site won’t see your changes until you save what you’ve done, which means you can experiment with different ideas until you’re happy with what you’ve got.

You can see the customiser screen below:


To learn how to use the customiser to create a site which reflect’s your school or organisation’s image, you can read on or watch this video which talks you through the process:

If you’re working in a quiet room or don’t have access to video, read on for more!

Customising your Website Colour Scheme

There are two aspects to this: the colours in your scheme and the ‘solid backgrounds’ setting.

In the ‘colour scheme’ settings you can specify four colours for your site, either by using the colour pickers or by entering the HTML hexadecimal code directly. If you’ve got an RGB code, you can convert it to a hexadecimal (or hex) code using a converter.


Simply choose (or input) the colours you want to use and the colour scheme will change automatically.

As well as changing the colours, you can specify whether the header and/or footer will have a solid background, using the setting below that for the colour scheme. In the demo site, I’ve used a solid background. Just check or uncheck the radio button as required and your primary colour will become the background to the header and/or footer, with white text:



Uploading Your School’s Logo

The next thing you can change is your logo, by uploading your logo to the site and choosing where you want it to appear. You can either have it above or to the left of the site title: which you choose will depend on the shape of your logo. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can also set the width of your logo, which is helpful in making sure it fits nicely:



Adding Your School or Organisation’s Contact Details

Your contact details will be displayed in your site header, on the right. Use the customiser to edit them. When you input an email address, this will automatically be converted into a hyperlink, so that when someone clicks on it, their email program will open to send you an email:



Editing Your Site Title and Tagline

When you created your site you’ll have given it a title, but you can change this whenever you want, and you can also add a tagline. As you type this, it will automatically appear at the top left of your site’s header, either below or to the right of your logo:



Specifying a Navigation Menu

This is a feature most sites won’t use, but if you want to, you can change the navigation menu used in your site’s main navigation area. When your site is created, a default menu will be set up for you but you can also create extra ones using the Menus screen. In very rare cases, some sites may want to change to a new navigation menu. Warning – use this setting with caution!

Changing Your Home Page Setting

The final setting relates to your home page. By default, Edupress sites have a home page which is populated using widgets, which you add via the Widgets screen. However if you want to run your site like a blog, you can change this, and tell Edupress to show your latest articles on your home screen instead. Again, use this setting with caution!


So that’s a quick overview of how you can customise the look and feel of your site using the Edupress site customiser. This means that you can quickly and easily set up a site which uses your school’s colours, logo and brand. We’re working on more improvements to the customiser for a future update to Edupress, so watch this space!


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