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Is your school website Ofsted-compliant?

Note: This post was updated in April 2014 to include information about requirements relating to the Sports Premium.

Are you aware that your school website could help you with your Ofsted Inspection?

Ofsted now expects schools to include the following information on their websites:

Pupil Premium:

  • your pupil premium allocation and how you’re planning to spend it this year
  • for last year, a statement of how you spent the pupil premium money
  • for last year, information on the impact of the pupil premium money on your pupils who are eligible for it.

Sports Premium:

  • your sports premium allocation and how you have or intend to spend it
  • the expected impact of this on pupils


  • details of your school’s curriculum, content and approach, by academic year and by subject
  • for secondary schools, details of GCSE options and other qualifications offered at Key Stage 4
  • for primary schools, your approach to phonic and reading schemes.

Admissions and policies:

  • details or links to your school’s admission arrangements
  • selection and oversubscription criteria
  • published admission number and your applications process through the local authority
  • your policies on behaviour, charging and SEN and disability provision.


  • links to your school’s Ofsted reports and DfE School Performance Tables
  • details of your  latest Key Stage 2 and/or Key Stage 4 attainment and progress measures in the School Performance Tables

And don’t forget…

  • a statement of your school’s ethos and values.

To sum up – your school website needs to be Ofsted-compliant

Ofsted also makes it clear on its website that you’re expected to be able to post all of this online. In response to the question ‘What if a school doesn’t have a website?’, the answer is simply, ‘Most schools already have their own websites, or make arrangements to publish information on the web through a commercial company or local authority offering schools an online presence.’ So in other words, you’ve got no excuse.

So what does this mean for your school website? Come back soon for our handy Ofsted school website checklist, which you can download and print off to check that your school website has everything Ofsted expects.


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