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3 Reasons Why We Use WordPress as the Foundation of Our School Website Builder

When you open the Edupress dashboard you’ll notice that it looks quite unique. However if you drill further into the editing and publishing screens and you’ve used WordPress before, they may look familiar. That’s because we use WordPress as the foundation of Edupress, for some very good reasons.

You’ll find other school website tools that use a bespoke content management system (or CMS), that’s been built from the ground up just for school websites. But we didn’t go down this route. So why do we use WordPress instead of rolling our own?

There are three main reasons:

  1. It makes things easier for users
  2. It makes your school website more robust and secure
  3. It keeps down costs for our subscribers.

1. It Makes Things Easier For You, the User

WordPress is by far the world’s most popular CMS. Depending on who you listen to, it powers between 20% and 25% of the internet – that’s a lot of websites.

Because of this, the chances are that a high proportion of our users will have used WordPress before, either in a previous job, on their old school website or for their personal blog.

We therefore increase the chances that you’ll be working with familiar screens and so make things more user-friendly. If you have used WordPress before you’ll notice that we’ve customised the admin screens – we’ve stripped out the things that schools don’t need and added more help text. So if something’s missing that you’ve been used to seeing on your personal blog don’t worry, it’s just a feature of Edupress.


The Edupress dashboard is a customised version of the WordPress dashboard.

2. It Makes School Websites More Secure and Robust

WordPress’s popularity means that the team responsible for it place a lot of emphasis on keeping it secure. While hackers will try to target some WordPress sites (like any sites), the team overseeing it will be able to quickly spot any risks and release an update to prevent them. WordPress has hundreds of developers working on it, and thousands of active members of its community keeping an eye out for this kind of thing – and that’s a community that can react to any risks much more quickly than the team at Edupress can.

We ensure that Edupress is always running on the most up to date version of WordPress (which is the best way to keep a site secure) and monitor all of our sites too.

WordPress has some very high profile users – if organisations such as 10 Downing Street and the NHS are happy using WordPress to power their websites and keep them secure, then we are too.

3. It Keeps Costs Down for the Schools Using Edupress

If we built a bespoke CMS from scratch to host school websites, it would take an awful lot of work and time. As it is, we’ve taken an existing CMS – WordPress – and customised it to meet the needs of primary schools, secondary schools and other education providers. That has taken a lot of ¬†work but nowhere near as much as if we’d started with nothing. And imagine the work involved in developing and updating a custom CMS – it’s huge.

All of that extra work would make Edupress much more expensive than it is. By taking the world’s most popular CMS and customising it to meet the needs of schools, we can keep the costs down for all of our clients.


We love WordPress. Our team here at Edupress have been working with it for years and built a wide range of websites using it. But that’s not why we use WordPress to power school websites. We use WordPress because we think it’s better for all of our users. We hope you agree!

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